Welcome to the Travemünde Week press section

Dear journalists,

In this Travemünde Week press section, you can apply for accreditation for the event. Where accreditation has been approved by us, you will be given a press card for the event and if required, a parking permit. Both are available from the press office during the event (from the first day of the event). You will not receive special confirmation of your accreditation; we will only contact you if you are refused accreditation.

Accreditation also entitles you to a seat in the press boat and you will be driven out to the race courses. Please register for this in time. Please understand that our press boat drivers will only take you if you are wearing a lifejacket, but we cannot supply these.

If you are interested in free, high-resolution photos, you can also specify your log-in details for the photo database when you apply for online accreditation.


You will find a selection of photos taken during the event in the log-in area. The photos may only be used with reference to the photographer Christian Beeck or Dr Udo Ott. We have reorganised the log-in area and the photo database, meaning that all journalists will have to re-register to use them. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you very much.

You can find the full terms and conditions of use here: Terms and conditions of use.

Current press reports before and during the Travemünde Week are directly available in the ‘News’ section of the Travemünde Week website. For more information, feel free to sign up for our newsletter, which will keep you directly informed of all our other news.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to welcoming you to the Travemünde Week.

Ralf Abratis